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A Week of Working By The Hour

A Week of Passive Income

One 40 Hour Week of Working By The Hour
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One Week of Passive Income Has 168 Hours of Income Earning Time.
168 Hours At $10 and Hour Equals $1,680
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Renie Rutten
Anyone Who Joins the 100 Day
Challenge Under Me Gets These Free Bonuses
  • YouTube training, "How to Generate Revenue from Youtube." This is a huge traffic opportunity.
  • Instagram Training: "How to Make Money on Instagram" A second huge traffic opportunity.
  • ​Pre-made Funnel. Clickfunnels account is required for this option. 2 Week free trial included.
  • ​Use YouTube and Instagram to generate your own free traffic.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is the affiliate program really FREE to join? - Yes its free to join and you don't have to pay anything ever. However we recommend the basic clickfunnels program as it will help you achieve the success you desire.
  • Can I really make money giving away free products? - Yes, affiliates are making bank giving away free products from our list of educational and business line.
  • What are the commissions? - The commissions are up to 40%. Also, your customers are "Cookied" so if they buy again later, you get paid the commissions. Those cookies last FOREVER!
  • How often will I get paid? - Clickfunnels pays their commissions twice monthly, once the refund period is over.
  • Can I earn a car too? - Yes, every affiliate who has 100 or more subscriptions under them gets $500 monthly toward a car of their choice, and Clickfunnels pays the lease or payment
  • ​200 or more subscriptions and you get $1,000 a month toward your car.
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